Examples of process()

Examples of aQute.bnd.osgi.Macro.process()

                    String version = parts[1];
                    if (!version.startsWith("[") && !version.startsWith("(")) {
                        Processor processor = new Processor();
                        processor.setProperty("@", VersionTable.getVersion(version).toString());
                        Macro macro = new Macro(processor);
                        version = macro.process("${range;[==,=+)}");
                    VersionRange range = new VersionRange(version);
                    Map<String, String> hdrs = ranges.get(range);
                    if (hdrs == null) {
                        hdrs = new HashMap<String, String>();
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Examples of ag.ion.noa4e.internal.search.core.OfficeSearchVisitor.process()

    EffortCalculator effortCalculator = new EffortCalculator(searchScope, status);
    int numberOfFilesToScan = effortCalculator.calculateEffort();
    OfficeSearchVisitor officeSearchVisitor = new OfficeSearchVisitor(officeApplication, searchScope,
        searchDescriptor, officeSearchResult, status, numberOfFilesToScan);
    return status;
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Examples of arq.cmdline.CmdLineArgs.process()

        ArgDecl printDecl =  new ArgDecl(ArgDecl.HasValue, "print") ;
        cl.add(printDecl) ;

        try {
            cl.process() ;
        } catch (IllegalArgumentException ex)
            System.err.println(ex.getMessage()) ;
            usage(System.err) ;
            throw new CmdException() ;
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Examples of ass3.program.core.message.Response.process()

      } catch (IllegalStateException e) {
        // Illegal Transition, ignore the message
      // Release the clients that are waiting for the response
    // Notify the listener
    MessageListener l = getListener();
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Examples of avrora.sim.Simulation.process()

    public void run(String[] args) throws Exception {
        StringUtil.REPORT_SECONDS = REPORT_SECONDS.get();
        StringUtil.SECONDS_PRECISION = (int)SECONDS_PRECISION.get();

        Simulation sim = Defaults.getSimulation(SIMULATION.get());
        sim.process(options, args);

        long startms = System.currentTimeMillis();
        try {
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Examples of br.com.caelum.restfulie.request.RequestStack.process()

    this.stack = new RequestStack(client);

  private Response sendPayload(Object payload, String verb) {
    RequestStack stack = createStack();
    return stack.process(this, verb, uri, payload);

  public Request with(String key, String value) {
    headers.put(key, value);
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Examples of br.com.caelum.tubaina.template.FreemarkerProcessor.process()

    map.put("book", book);
    map.put("parser", parser);
    map.put("textbookVersion", new VersionGenerator().generate());

    FreemarkerProcessor processor = new FreemarkerProcessor(cfg);
    return processor.process(map, "latex/book.ftl");

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Examples of cc.catalysts.cdoclet.handler.Handler.process()

    for (ClassDoc classDoc : docs) {
      logger.info("Processing {}", classDoc.qualifiedName());

      if (TagParser.hasClassTags(generator, classDoc)) {
        Handler handler = createHandler(generator, classDoc);

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Examples of center.task.AProcessor.process()

      } catch (Throwable e) {
      State st;
      try {
        st = po.process(res);
        res.setPrmByFullName("tsk", "STATUS_ID", st, false);
        res.info.calculate(TimeState.getInstance(TimeState.Time.after, State.PROCESSING), res);
      } catch (Throwable e) {
        st = State.DONE_ERR;
        res.setPrmByFullName("tsk", "STATUS_ID", st, false);
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Examples of cfdict.decompress.Decompress.process()

            System.out.println("[MODE " + config.getMode() + "]");
            Download dl = new Download(config);
            Decompress dp = new Decompress(config);
            Parser p = new Parser(config);
            Generator g;
            if (config.getMode().equals("INSERT"))
                g = new InsertGenerator(config, p.process());
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