Examples of children()

Examples of DisplayProject.DisplayNode.children()

          isOpenedStates.put(aNode, aNode.isOpened());
        if (node.getChildCount() > 0){
            for (Enumeration<DisplayNode> e = node.children(); e.hasMoreElements();){
                TreePath path = parent.pathByAddingChild(e.nextElement());
                checkExpand(path, isOpenedStates);
        // CraigM:29/07/2008 - Use the stored isOpened value
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Examples of com.barrybecker4.game.twoplayer.common.search.tree.SearchTreeNode.children()

            // draw the arc and child root for each child c of p
            if (depth > oldDepth) {
                oldDepth = depth;
                offsetAtLevel[depth] = 0;
            Enumeration enumeration = p.children();
            while (enumeration.hasMoreElements()) {
                SearchTreeNode c = (SearchTreeNode)enumeration.nextElement();
                drawArc(p, c, depth, offsetAtLevel[depth], offsetAtLevel[depth+1], g2);
                drawNode(c, depth+1, offsetAtLevel[depth+1], g2);
                offsetAtLevel[depth+1] += c.getSpaceAllocation();
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Examples of com.ettrema.httpclient.Folder.children()

      Thread.sleep(1000); // wait for the index
      List<? extends Resource> children1 = ff1.children();
      List<? extends Resource> children2 = ff2.children();
      File r1 = (File)children1.get(0);
      File r2 = (File)children2.get(0);
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.ParseTreeNode.children()

    Block topLevelBlock = (Block) parse(inputSource, pattern);
    ParseTreeNode topLevelNode = topLevelBlock;

    // If the top-level Block contains a single child, promote it to allow it to
    // match anywhere.
    if (topLevelNode.children().size() == 1) {
      topLevelNode = topLevelNode.children().get(0);

    // If the top level is an ExpressionStmt, with one child, then promote its
    // single child to the top level to allow the contained expression to match
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.css.CssPropertySignature.children()

    if (!toApply.isEmpty()) {
      CssPropertySignature repeated = rsig.getRepeatedSignature();
      BitSet used = null;
      if (repeated instanceof CssPropertySignature.ExclusiveSetSignature) {
        used = new BitSet(repeated.children().size());

      toApply = new ArrayList<Candidate>(toApply);
      for (; k < rsig.maxCount; ++k) {
        // Try not following the extra repetitions
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.css.CssTree.children()

            boolean remove = false;
            Message removeMsg = null;

            CssTree term = (CssTree.Term) node;
            CssTree.CssLiteral content =
                (CssTree.CssLiteral) term.children().get(0);

            if (content instanceof CssTree.Substitution) {
              return true// Handled by later pass.
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.js.ArrayConstructor.children()

        new CssDynamicExpressionRewriter(meta).rewriteCss(decls);
        ArrayConstructor jsValue = CssDynamicExpressionRewriter.cssToJs(decls);

        if (jsValue.children().size() == 0) {
          // No declarations remain after sanitizing
          return noResult(attr);
        } else if (jsValue.children().size() == 1) {
          // Declarations have been reduced to a single, statically known
          // StringLiteral or dynamically computed Expression
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.js.Block.children()


  public final void testCatchBlocks() throws Exception {
    Block n = js(fromString("try { } catch (e) { var x; }"));

    TryStmt t = (TryStmt) n.children().get(0);
    CatchStmt c = (CatchStmt) t.children().get(1);

    Scope s0 = fromProgram(n);
    Scope s1 = Scope.fromCatchStmt(s0, c);
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.js.DirectivePrologue.children()

        ParseTreeNode child = children.get(i);
        if (child instanceof DirectivePrologue) {
          if (children.get(0) instanceof DirectivePrologue) {
            DirectivePrologue dp0 = (DirectivePrologue) children.get(0);
            DirectivePrologue dp1 = (DirectivePrologue) child;
            if (!dp1.children().isEmpty()) {
              List<Directive> all = Lists.newArrayList(dp0.children());
                  new DirectivePrologue(
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Examples of com.google.caja.parser.js.Expression.children()

        if (fe.b == Fact.GLOBAL) { continue; }
        Expression e = fe.a;
        Operator op = null;
        if (Operation.is(e, Operator.TYPEOF)) {
          op = Operator.TYPEOF;
          e = (Expression) e.children().get(0);
        String topRef = topRef(e);
        if (topRef != null) {
          if (!globals.contains(topRef)) {
            for (String globalAlias : globals) {
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