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* This build processor implementation sets the JAXWS web service provider class
* name in the JBossWS CXF configuration file, in one has been defined.
public class JBossWSCXFBuildProcessor implements {

  private<?> provider;
  public JBossWSCXFBuildProcessor(<?> provider) {
    this.provider = provider;
  public void process(DeploymentBuilder builder) {
      // Check if jbossws-cxf.xml is present, and if so, updated the provider implementation class attribute
      File f=new File(builder.getWebInf(), "jbossws-cxf.xml");
      if (f.exists()) {
        FileInputStream fis=null;
        FileOutputStream fos=null;
        try {
          fis=new FileInputStream(f);
          byte[] b=new byte[fis.available()];
          String str=new String(b);
          fis = null;
          if (str.indexOf("@provider@") != -1) {
            fos=new FileOutputStream(f);
            str = str.replaceAll("@provider@", provider.getClass().getName());
            fos = null;
          } else {
            // Report error
            System.err.println("jbossws-cxf.xml file does not contain @provider@ field");
        } catch (IOException e) {
          throw new RuntimeException("Failed to copy files", e);
        } finally {
          try {
            if (fis != null) fis.close();
          } catch (IOException e) {
          try {
            if (fos != null) fos.close();
          } catch (IOException e) {

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