Package org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom

Examples of org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.EnumConstantDeclaration.modifiers()

      Collection annotationCollection) {
    final EnumConstantDeclaration enumConstDecl = ast
    return enumConstDecl;

  private static EnumDeclaration createNewEnumDeclaration(AST ast,
      SimpleName name, Collection enumConstantDeclarationCollection,
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      // Add imports for annotations to the enum constants.
      for (final Iterator eit = newEnumDeclaration.enumConstants()
          .iterator(); eit.hasNext();) {
        final Object obj =;
        final EnumConstantDeclaration ecd = (EnumConstantDeclaration) obj;
        for (final Iterator emit = ecd.modifiers().iterator(); emit
            .hasNext();) {
          final Object o =;
          if (o instanceof Annotation) {
            final Annotation anno = (Annotation) o;
            final String newName = importRewrite
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